Sinan Mercenk, DJ, Booking Contact

Sinan Mercenk


As a DJ, Sinan has earned a reputation past the borders of Hamburg. As Resident in the legendary MAX Lounge he makes makes people dance till the early morning hours. And even at events from companies such as Reemtsma, Porsche, Rolex, Marc O’Polo, TV Spielfilm, Cinema and events like IFA, LEA Award and GQ Style – Sinan makes sure that the dancefloors are on fire with the right feeling for grooves such as Downbeat, House and Pop. There is no fixed style: “You have to be flexible and open for different directions”, says Sinan. “Why should there not be an AC/DC Song right after a song by Sting – if it’s right for that moment and touches people. I react to the crowd – not try and make the crowd react to my taste of music”.


My Fellow Citizens - musicproduction and liveact

My Fellow Citizens


My Fellow Citizens is a German minimal electro house duo founded in 2009. They are have released one singles incl. a GusGus Remix and the album „To New World City“. This Live-Act is for lovers of electronic music: special sounds are arranged in a melody loop or a surprising groove. And yet something is different: Each module is still so tiny MY FELLOW CITIZENS important. Everything is composed exactly, yet the sound it sounds so delightful and almost limitless flexibility.