January, 8th 2021
Label: ideedeluxe records
Genre: Deephouse, House Music, Electronica, Deep House, Dance Music,

08 January 2021 (Berlin/ Germany) – Today, Kriz LaFraize and Sinan Mercenk announced the launch of a new music project with their first joint EP, BLURRED HUMAN. This EP brings together two veteran DJs and electronic music producers to produce a new, unique sound to wake up the people .
“It’s only about energy and humanity” – that’s how the musicians Kriz LaFraize and Sinan Mercenk got to know each other in 2018.
It was immediately clear to both of them that they would meet again in the recording studio and start the music project, LaFraize Mercenk.
The DJs / producers share common values and virtues and both used the lockdown time to produce their first EP – BLURRED HUMAN.
BLURRED HUMAN is an EP that challenges the people’s mindset and provokes the listener to consider major concerns of the current generation. With the track “What does it mean to be a human?” from their EP – BLURRED HUMAN we find something that is irritating, distracting, and yet unmistakably reflective of our everyday life. It implores us to reflect on the time we have now, and gather as friends peacefully.

Kriz LaFraize said: “To me, this EP is a try to point out grievances on humanity. Manipulation, greed, hypocrisy and fear accompany us every day and, with the power of social media fueling them, have become normalized, even desired in our society. We wanted this music project to be the voice of our generation, and to show the power of diversity, respect, and appreciation. I love the charismatic perspective Sinan brought to the track and how it evolves the message into the importance of respecting and supporting one another. Let’s learn to appreciate that we are all human and that we can only be as successful as our fellow human beings can be.”