Sinan Mercenk – Berlin E.P.

Online-Release: January, 20th, 2017
Label: ideedeluxe records
Genre: Deep House, Electronica, House Music

Berlin du bist so wunderbar” is a love song – but not the kitschy kind. Sinan Mercenk comes with a lot of swag, irony even and sex appeal. The sex appeal is like a schluck of funk and sleek like disco beats but goes way deep – like dark, roaring, good aged whiskey and cigarettes fuelled berlin nights with a little bit of glitter. 6 Tracks will be en-capsuling you in a snow dome of laid back, empowering deep house music.
Sinan is one of those guys – the guys who made it into the 1st league of music but comes from way deep. His heart lies with the unknown, the dark and dirty, the cool dogs.
With the video he proofs he can do berlin and do it good: Nonchalant, ironic and spicy he shows of his skills – laissez-faire like a side note but fucking to the point.

Written, produced and lyrics by Sinan Mercenk. Published by SMV SCHACHT MUSIKVERLAGE GmbH.
All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized duplication and/or copying is violation of application law.