Sinan Mercenk Feat. Kamila Ilendo – PURE E.P.

Online-Release: October, 8th 2020
Label: ideedeluxe records
Genre: Deephouse, House Music, Electronica, Deep House, Dance Music,

Sinan Mercenk and Kamila Ilendo met during the music video shoot for Clara Hill’s „Spiral Wind & Clouds“ (Summer 2020). It quickly becomes apparent that the two are musically perfectly compatible. Kamila Ilendo, who has soul in her voice and blood, harmonizes very well with the music of Sinan Mercenk.

With the PURE E.P. you hear how well the two fit together. There are four tracks from Deephouse (Debut & It’s About Change) to Vocalhouse (Time is Running out) and to
Jazzhouse (Unsuspectingness).
Kamila Ilendo’s voice and lyrics provide the soul to the music by Sinan Mercenk. The E.P. was produced in Berlin.