Sinan Mercenk

Sinan Mercenk, DJ, Remixer, Musician and Producer

Sinan Mercenkis by far more than your regular studio musician. He is a producer, songwriter, a radio programmer and a skilled DJ as well. If Sinan is djing, he delivers a set full of variety and is always looking beyond his own nose.

The beginning
It all started back in 1994 when Sinan Mercenk released his first single on legendary Container Records, hailing from Hamburgs famous redlight district Reeperbahn! These were the heydays of House music and Sinan started to dj across Hamburg and later on across Germany. Our smart guy belongs to the very first generation of House music, you might say. And because of his fresh style plus his outstanding selection Sinan swiftly became a well- booked Club-DJ worldwide. Helpful for his dj-career was definitely that Sinan is a diligent worker and so he released several singles on credible labels starting in the mid 90ties. No wonder that his discography is large and his ouput still numerous to this day. Additionally Sinan Mercenk became an in-demand remixer step by step. He worked for major-labels like Motown and high-profile artists ranging from De-Phazz, Tarkan, Mustafa Sandal to Eddie Matos, Cannel Two, Levthand‘s „Cadillac Track“ and Levitation or Blank & Jones to name a few.

Finally in 2008 Sinan Mercenk started his own label ideedeluxe records based in Hamburg. It is his creative playgournd really and on this self-owned imprint Sinan released his debut album called „Moments On Earth“ in the very same year. On this varied album Sinan is prefectly showcasing his cosmopolitan character as a composer. Sinan Mercenk is living between two worlds, Orient and Occident that is. His actual roots and his social background merging two worlds and you can definitely hear that on his two albums „Moments On Earth“ and „True Collection“ and several EP ́s and Singles he is releasing! And while he is steadily communiting between his hometowns Hamburg and Istanbul he ́s filtering the best out of these two worlds for himself and is clerverly mixing it into his music.

Regardless of whether Sinan Mercenk mixing, producing, remixing or compiling, the club’s unique social space for the curation and enjoyment of music is always on his mind. It is also why he’s continually got responses from some of the renowned singers with whom he then worked, like is last EPs with Karl Frierson „Walk With Me“ or Pat Appleton „Curiosity“. On his new release „Occupy My Heart“ Sinan Mercenk collaborate with Adriana Kaegi, co-founded the legendary band „Kid Creole and the Coconuts“. On 07th of December he released with „Art Works“ four selected finest deep house tracks.

And where he find’s next to his many jobs the time for three radio shows? That we don’t know …

Sinan Mercenk @ 360° East Istanbul:

Sinan Mercenk – Moments On Earth [Video]:

Press Kit:

Sinan Mercenk – True Collection – Infosheet / English
Sinan Mercenk – True Collection – Infotext / deutsch

Sinan Mercenk – Electronique E.P. – Infosheet / English
Sinan Mercenk – Electronique E.P. – Infotext / deutsch

Sinan Mercenk – Moments On Earth – Infosheet / English
Sinan Mercenk – Moments On Earth – Infotext / deutsch